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Arctic North is able to supply, install and maintain any cold room, freezer, commercial refrigerator and transport refrigerator. We are able to supply you with a complete solution when it comes to your commercial cooling needs. We are involved with the whole production process of our clients products as follows:

Processing Cold Storage Transportation Commercial Home


image1From the processing sector we can supply and maintain cooling systems such as Flash Freezers. Our staff will provide you with the right tool for the job which can vary depending on size, power consumption and cost. We ensure that this sector is welly maintained before moving onto the cold storage sector…

Cold Storage

image2In this sector we ensure that your products are kept cold at the right temperatures, effectively and efficiently. We understand that certain of our clients products require certain cooling temperatures. Once this part of the process is complete we move on the next sector; Transport Refrigeration…


3We understand that getting our clients products to the commercial sector on time is of utmost importance. Therefore we do not only supply Transport refrigeration solutions but maintain them 24/7 to ensure that there is no loss to your business should the cooling system fail.


image3From the transport vehicle to the Commercial sector where keeping our clients products cool before selling is our aim. Here we can provide you with display fridges and freezers as well as the maintenance for them.


We can perform basic maintenance on domestic fridges on request but we are unable to supply them.